Our company, based in Pforzheim, Germany, is a professional furnace belt manufacturer with many years of experience based on our high quality standard and competitive price. Since 1913, we have been producing custom-made oven belts on our fully automatic Milanaise machines. Our rolled & unrolled stainless steel oven belts are all heat resistant up to 1200°. They have a clean, compact, almost closed surface and thus guarantee a loss-free flow. The right conveyor belt for your annealing furnace is our mission.


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Other names for oven belts are: Wire conveyor belt, Wire mesh belt, Flat Wire Conveyor Belt, Continuous oven belt, Narrow spiral link belt, Braided belt, Annealing furnace belt, Soldering oven belt, Round wire link belt, , Spiral wire belt, Steel wire conveyor belt, Steel wire conveyor belt, Conveyor belt....


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